Common Signs Of High Cholesterol [All Questions]

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Hi madam!


It’s essential to your well-being.
But what do you really know about it?
Let’s start with the basics things.

What exactly is cholesterol?

Okay, it’s a waxy fat-like substance that’s produced in your liver and travels throughout your bloodstream.
It’s a key ingredient that your body needs to produce new cells.

But too much cholesterol can lead you to serious problems, like heart disease and stroke.


To answer this question, you should know the types of cholesterol first.

You see, there are actually two main types of cholesterol.
HDL and LDL.

Let’s start with LDL:

LDL, or low-density lipoprotein, is sometimes named “bad cholesterol,” and because it can build up inside your arteries, which causes them to narrow, which can lead to stroke or heart disease.

That’s why you should try to lower high LDL cholesterol to avoid the dangers of high cholesterol levels.
Think of it this way. The “L” in LDL is for Lousy or Lower.

What about HDL?

On the other hand HDL, or high-density lipoprotein is a good kind of cholesterol.
It carries LDL, the bad stuff, away from the arteries, and back to your liver where it’s broken down and processed by your body.

Very good!
That’s why you want your HDL to be higher and you want to lower high LDL cholesterol.

In this case, the “H” in HDL is for Healthy or Higher.

There’s actually a third component known as “triglycerides,” which plays a role in your cholesterol health.
Triglycerides are the most common type of fat in your body, and their job is to store excess fat from your diet.

Okay, What Triglycerides do in our topic today?

Elevated triglycerides, along with high LDL and low HDL, can also increase your risk for cardiovascular disease.

So it’s necessary to keep your triglyceride levels low.

Now, after knowing what cholesterol is and her types, let’s jump to the important questions!

So what are the common signs of high cholesterol?
And How can you keep your cholesterol low?
And How can I avoid high cholesterol?

In my today blog post, You will know the answer to all these questions, So please take your time in reading to understand these important things, and enjoy!

Let’s dive right in and let’s begin with these “eight common signs” of high cholesterol, which you must never ignore.

Enjoy !

8 common signs of high cholesterol, you must never ignore:


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