To prevent diabetes… 10 tips you must follow

To prevent diabetes... 10 tips you must follow

A large number of people worldwide develop diabetes every year, and there are reasons for the disease, primarily genetic factors, which threaten those who have a family history of diabetes.

How can it be prevented?

1- Treating high blood pressure

High blood pressure is usually associated with an increased risk of diabetes, so you should consult a doctor, to treat high blood pressure, and measure it constantly so that it does not exceed the normal range of 120/80 mm Hg for those under the age of 65 years.

2- reduce weight

Excess weight causes disturbances in the insulin ratio, which impedes the control of blood sugar, so doctors are advised to maintain a healthy weight by eating healthy and non-fatty foods and exercising regularly.

3- Avoid oils

Studies have shown that hydrogenated vegetable oils and other unsaturated fats contribute to heart disease, and may also contribute to type 2 diabetes.

4- Reducing carbohydrates

Doctors advise avoiding eating foods such as white rice and dry grains because they are rich in refined carbohydrates and processed and fried foods because they contain a high percentage of fats and carbohydrates, which increase the chance of developing diabetes.

5- Eat foods rich in fiber

High-fiber foods, as well as vegetables containing dietary fiber, regulate blood glucose, which prevents high blood sugar, which leads to diabetes.

6- Eat fruits and vegetables

A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, which contain fiber, should be added to the diet to prevent diabetes. In the case of people who prefer to eat canned or frozen fruits, they should avoid those that contain sugar or other additives, and reduce the number of vegetables or fruits that contain It is high in salt.

7- Cut back on caffeine

Studies have shown that consuming more than 4 cups of tea and coffee a day doubles the risk of developing diabetes, so it is recommended to reduce this amount to only one or two cups.

8- Eat light meals

It is important to eat small meals regularly throughout the day to regulate blood sugar and avoid sudden sugar spikes that cause the pancreas to produce a large amount of insulin, leading to diabetes.

9- Doing exercise

Regular exercise, such as walking, is one of the most important factors in preventing diabetes, as it helps reduce weight and prevent obesity, which causes high blood sugar.

10- Stop smoking

Smoking sometimes causes diabetes, as well as heart disease and lung cancer, according to the site.

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