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Al Seef Hospital

Al Seef Hospital is a famous Hospital in Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate, one of the leading healthcare facilities in the State of Kuwait. It is part of the United Medical Services Company, a Kuwaiti company founded in 2003. The hospital has a strong reputation as a leading healthcare facility. The service provider in the region, with a focus on … the main goal is to provide specialized services for women and children, in addition to other medical and surgical specialties.

Al Seef Hospital offers various exceptional services, including digital operating rooms, advanced intensive care units, oral, face, and jaw surgery services, and eye surgery clinics equipped with the latest technology. The company cooperates with partners such as Al-Maidan Clinic for Oral Medicine Services and the United Laboratory Company to provide comprehensive diagnostic solutions and laboratory services.

The hospital offers a wide range of medical specialties, from the Department of Heart Diseases to the Plastic and Reconstruction Department, making it a comprehensive health center. In addition, the hospital includes 105 premium suites.

Al Seef Hospital medical services

Al Seef Hospital

Here are some essential medical services provided by the hospital:

  • Heart Diseases.
  • Dermatology and cosmetic medicine.
  • Urology surgery.
  • Dental, medical department.
  • Gynecology and obstetrics.
  • Orthopaedic Surgery.
  • Beauty surgery.
  • Eye surgery.
  • x_ray.
  • Obesity surgery.
  • Department of Internal Medicine.
  • Natural therapy.

Hospital address in Salmiya:

Hospital localization: 3 Al Blajat St, Salmiya, Kuwait.

Reservation of an appointment at Al Seef Hospital:

To reserve an appointment at Al Seef Hospital in Salmiya, you can follow several ways, here are some ways:

  • Personally: Go to the hospital’s reception office on Omar Bin Al-Aas Street (the intersection of Al-Balaajat Street 3) and talk to the employees about reserving an appointment.
  • Phone: Contact +965 1881 122 and follow the instructions to book the appointment.

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Find a job at Al Seef Hospital in Salmiya:

To apply for a hospital job, you can visit the hospital’s official website and fill in personal information such as your full name, email, phone number, and CV. You can also send this information via the hospital mail:

Hospital phone numbers:

You can use one of the following numbers to communicate with the hospital:

  • Phone: +965 1881 122.
  • Email:
  • Fax: 25764444.
  • Website:

Working hours:

The hospital provides its services around the clock throughout the week.

The opinions of some Al Seef Hospital visitors:

ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ

As one of the most prestigious hospitals in Kuwait, the hospital lacks a few concepts. First of all it doesn’t have any baby-friendly restrooms besides the third floor, do they not accept babies to need diaper changes through the hospital. Secondly the main elevators are VERY slow, they literally have waiting chairs infront of the elevators. None of the service counters are low enough to accommodate any wheelchair users or handicapped people.

ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ

One of the best doctors and one of the best good looking hospital in Kuwait.

ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ ـ

dr ahmed alrefai the maxillofacial surgeon is a great surgeon, very professional and very polite and knowledgeable. He was so patient with me. I do highly recommend him. Thank you dr Ahmed.

Also, if you add any questions about Al Seef Hospital, we will answer them. Thanks.

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