Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital Kuwait {All you need}

Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital Kuwait

Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital is a leading general medical facility in the Jabriya area, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait. The hospital was opened in 1402-1403 and is considered one of the country’s prominent examples of health care. The Hawalli health area administratively follows the hospital, and this name was named after Sheikh Mubarak Al Kabeert.

The hospital provides its services to all Hawalli Governorate residents, including neighboring areas, and covers the healthcare needs of more than 700,000 people. The hospital is an integrated center that provides all general and specialized medical services. This includes medical and surgical care and educational services for medical students and trained doctors.

The hospital is characterized by its presence next to the Kuwaiti Blood Bank, which enhances its ability to provide comprehensive health care services. The hospital also plays a vital role in supporting medical research and innovation.

Medical departments of Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital:

Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital includes many medical services that meet patients’ healthcare needs. Essential medical services include:

  • Department of Surgery.
  • Emergency department.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.
  • Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.
  • Department of Radiology and Medical Photography.
  • Department of Internal Medicine.
  • Intensive care section.
  • The nerve and physiotherapy department.
  • Department of Psychiatry.
  • Pediatrics Department.

Book an appointment at Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital:

Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital Kuwait

To reserve an appointment at Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital in Jabriya, you can follow these available and comfortable methods:

You can call the phone number 25312700 – 25312701 ☎ for reservations.

Taiba Hospital Sabah Al-Salem.
Kuwait Hospital Sabah Al-Salem.

Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital address:

Localization: Street 103, Jabriya, Kuwait.

Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital phone number:

Contact: 25312700 – 25312701.

Hospital working hours:

The hospital provides its services throughout the week throughout the hour.

The opinions of some visitors to Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital:

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I love Kuwait country i want to do job in Kuwait country hospital plz send visa.

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Nice hospital.

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You can take easy appointment for any health issues.

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